Questions about the cancer

  • What type of cancer do I have?
  • Can you explain my test results to me? Will I need more tests before treatment begins?
  • What is the stage of my cancer? Has my cancer spread to other areas of my body?
  • What is my chance of recovery?
  • How will cancer and its treatment affect my body?
  • Will I need a specialist(s) for my cancer treatment?

Questions about clinical trials

  • Would a clinical trial (research study) be right for me?
  • How do I find out about studies for my type and stage of cancer?

Questions about lifestyle, finances, and resources

  • How will my daily activities, such as work or school, change?
  • How can I get help if I feel anxious or upset about having cancer? If I need help coping with family responsibilities?
  • What costs will my insurance cover? Who can answer my questions about how to pay for treatment?
  • How can I get help with financial and legal issues (i.e. obtaining financial assistance, preparing a will or an advance directive)?