Refilling Your Prescription

We ask our patients to monitor their prescription medication closely, and to assess supplies before each office visit. We also ask that they request refills at the time of their visits.
However, if they discover that they require a refill, but do not have an office visit pending, we request that they call our office several days in advance of running out of medication. Some prescriptions can be refilled with a phone call to the pharmacy and we will take care of that within 24-48 (business) hours of a request for a refill. Other medications, such as pain medicines or oral chemotherapy, require a written prescription. We have a direct line dedicated to prescription refills:  603-232-8903

If a request is made one week prior to running out of medication, a prescription can be mailed to a patient if needed.  If it is necessary for a patient to have someone other than themselves pick up a written prescription at our office, we will ask for the name of that person and will require that person to identify themselves when they arrive. We will also accept a handwritten note from the patient giving someone they designate permission to pick up a prescription. Written prescriptions are not available before or after normal business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m or on the weekends.