Affording Your Care

Complicated insurance plans and the burden of paying for medical care can be overwhelming. To help with this every new NHOH patient will meet with a Patient Account Representative that specializes in financial assistance.  This individual will explain the costs associated with care, what insurance will cover, and what is likely to be the patient’s personal financial responsibility.

Prior to your first appointment, a Patient Account Representative or Pre-certification Representative will call to verify your insurance information. Bring your insurance card to your first appointment. It is the patient’s responsibility to notify us of any subsequent changes in insurance coverage.

Some patients, whether uninsured or underinsured, may require additional assistance in planning for the financial aspects of their care.  Following your first appointment and meeting with the financial counselor, you will be provided with information regarding available resources for financial assistance and offered guidance in completing the steps necessary to apply for those resources.

We strive to work with each patient to make affording your care as manageable as possible.